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  • 1.1 Meeting opening
  • 1.2 A Panel of Partners discuss Global Health and Challenges and the Health Workforce to Meet Them
  • 1.3 Progress and implementation of the Global Strategic Directions for Nursing and Midwifery 2021-2025
  • 1.4 Data Requirements for Health Workforce Solutions to Achieve Global Health Goals and Targets
  • 1.5 Taking stock of data availability for SoWN 2025; Considerations for SoWMy 2026
  • 2.1 Equity, Access and Availability of Nurses and Midwives through the lenses of International Mobility and Migration, Small Island Developing States, and Advanced Practice of Nurses and Midwives
  • 2.2 Providing Essential Public Health Functions, including Emergency Preparedness and Response, and Preserving Mental Health
  • 2.3 Closing Session
  • 2.4 GCNMO Roles: Governance and policy leadership
  • 2.5 GCNMO Roles: Data Availability for Policy, Planning, and SoWN 2025 Reporting
  • 2.6 Closing Reflections